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General Conditions of Sale



General Conditions of Sale

The contractor PIEX RENT A CAR will be rented to the tenant who has the name and address in the contract. The tenant declares and undertakes to use the vehicle in accordance with the conditions specified in this contract (rental period, return station etc.) to pay the rent fee and to accept the general conditions of sale. By signing the contract, he / she accepts all the obligations that belong to the tenant person and his / her own. All notices made to the address declared by the tenant on the contract shall be deemed valid.
The tenant shall return the vehicle, spare wheel, all tires, vehicle, documents, accessories and equipment, as well as the return of the vehicle in the rental city or another PIEX station specified in the contract. It will apply to the lessor for all extensions and get the approval of the lessor. In the case of an extension without approval, the tenant's vehicle was accepted by the parties that he held in contradiction of law. Tenant, renting vehicle (navigation), baby seat, snow tire and so on. If additional services are requested, he / she has to pay the additional fee.
The tenant agrees that the vehicle is delivered in good condition in terms of both mechanical and bodywork and that there are no signs of damage or damage to the vehicle (except those specified in the lease contract and vehicle delivery form). accepts and undertakes to pay all damages and damages, including the claims of the insurance companies, all claims and damages incurred by the insurance companies under the rules of traffic insurance and due to carelessness and non-compulsion. . (For example, transmission breakdown due to incorrect gear change, continued use of the vehicle with warning light on, damage to the vehicle under the vehicle, damage to the evening, such as tire, rim, driving with alcohol, etc.) 150 TL from the driver in case of arrival. The cost of the damage will be taken.
The aforementioned means used by the tenant and protected by the traffic insurance conditions. If the tenant, for himself, 3rd parties and the rented vehicle, wants to provide protection against theft, damage, voluntary financial liability and personal accident assurances submitted to him at the time of the signature of the lease agreement, in order to provide exemption for the damage and damage, has the right to benefit by paying in cash. Otherwise, all kinds of administrative penalties and penalties (compensation, penalties, etc.) shall be exclusively owned by the Lessee. However, as a result of the impacts on the upper parts of the vehicle or the body of the tenant (bridge, balcony, branch or every object created by the damage), the damage claims, even if the traffic insurance claims are obliged to pay. Although the tenant has accepted damages for damages (robbery, damage, voluntary financial liability and personal accident insurance), in case of damage to the vehicle under the following conditions, it agrees to cover the liability of damage and related expenses without objection:
a) If the accident is under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs,
b) In cases where the legal speed limit is exceeded (the accident report indicates that the accident occurred due to speed),
c) In the event of a traffic accident record not being taken and no alcohol report taken,
d) In case of using vehicles contrary to traffic laws,
to) The driver, who is designated as an additional driver in the tenant and tenancy agreement, is responsible for the accidents and / or damages resulting from the use of vehicles other than the drivers.
f) Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey in cases where payment of the insurance cost insurance policies in accordance with the general terms and / or in cases where the insurance company does not pay for any reason.
The vehicle will not be used in the following described ways:
a) When transporting passengers or goods in return for an open or hidden income,
b) Push or pull any vehicle or trailer,
c) In the carriage of substances contrary to customs legislation and other laws or in other non-legal acts,
d) A person who has not received alcohol or drugs, or a driver not specified as an additional driver,
to) In motor sports (including race, speed determination, rally, strength and speed trials),
f) When transporting goods / goods in a way that damages the vehicle and exceeds the loading load,
g) Taking into account the brand and model of the vehicles, it is not suitable for the purpose of the rental in places and conditions (such as land, mountainous terrain, sand, swamp, river bed, etc.), unsuitable road conditions.
Use of the vehicle:
a) It shall be used by the tenant and / or the additional driver specified in the contract with at least 1, 2 or 3 years of valid driving license according to the condition of the vehicle.
b) The driver must have exceeded the minimum age of 20 years.
c) The vehicle may also be used by persons (additional drivers / drivers) who meet the conditions related to the driver (s) identified in (a) and (b), whose names / names are registered on the contract at the beginning of the lease by the lessee.
d) The tenant is obliged to fully ensure that the person authorized to use the rented vehicle complies with all conditions of this contract. Otherwise, the tenant is fully responsible for all consequences that may arise.
to) Tenants, unless otherwise specified; daily charter of the vehicle's mileage limit; daily 150, monthly rentals; 3000 km per month. accepts in advance that it is limited to. It is the rate per kilometer; 1 (one) TL + VAT multiplied by the amount of the mileage in advance of the delivery of the vehicle agrees and undertakes.
The tenant is obliged to pay the following at the request of the lessee:
a) The rental price calculated over the number of days rented according to the current price list,
b) The tenant shall accept the Full Damage Liability Assurance (THSG) (Damage Liability Assurance), (HSG) - (500 Euro Exempt), Vehicle Theft Assurance, (HG) - (2000 Euro Exempt), , (IMM) Personal Accident Insurance, the cost of one-way fees that may arise at the end of the rental and legally received by the current fuel fullness during the rental of the vehicle is delivered at the end of the rental with the depot in the event that the missing the remaining 30% of the fuel price with the service charge the amount of fuel,
c) If the tenant does not accept the Full Damage Liability Assurance (THSG) in case of an accident, he / she accepts and undertakes to pay in advance within 1 business day the amount of the exemption to which he is responsible (defined in the rental information section of the vehicle delivery contract).
d) However, in the event of an accident, the tenant, whichever of the insurance options has been purchased by the lessee, is charged to the tenant for alcohol, drugs or other reasons (failure to comply with the general traffic rules) gain the right to request together. A pre-authorization against the approximate amount of the rental at the beginning of the rental is blocked from the tenant's credit card. The lessee accepts in advance that he / she will not object to the collection of the rental fee, loss and loss fee.
to) If the car is stolen under the rent of the tenant, the vehicle is liable to pay the cost of the vehicle or the equipment according to the current purchase costs, unless it agrees to the Robbery Assurance (TP).
f) General carriage rules are valid in vehicle stolen vehicles, and the insurance companies do not qualify as theft, the insurance companies cannot be included in the insurance and the insurance companies do not pay, the lessee accepts in advance to pay the vehicle price and other damages.
g) The lessor shall not be liable for the compensation of any goods stolen or stolen from the vehicle.
h) The tenant is liable to pay the damages that are out of the scope of Compulsory Traffic Insurance given to 3rd Parties. However, tenants, business in these leases Optional Financial Mesusiyet (IMM) security deposit bonus from the said damage fee if payment (Turkey within the Insurance General Terms Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies) are exempt until the amount specified for rented IMMUNE policy tools.
I) The tenant is exempt from the amount of the Personal Accident Insurance that the premium price is paid immediately. In cases exceeding this amount, the tenant is solely responsible.
Tenants and other authorized drivers (additional drivers) must fulfill the following measures to protect the interests of the lessor in the event of an accident during the rental period:
a) To obtain the names and addresses of the persons and witnesses concerned,
b) Receive a copy of the driver's license, license and traffic insurance policies of the party / parties in case of double-sided accidents;
c) Not to accept responsibility or crime,
d) Not to leave the vehicle without taking adequate security measures,
to) To immediately inform the nearest police officers or relevant authorities of any incidents in the event of an accident resulting in material, mortal and bodily harm,
f) To deliver the accident notification and the related minutes and reports to the nearest office or to the nearest PIEX office within 24 hours.
The lessor shall not be held liable for the loss of any property carried or left by the tenant in the vehicle. The lessee, the lessor of the type of loss or damage as a result of the case, the charges, charges, complaints and damages will be released.
When the passenger is not used by the tenant, the tenant is obliged to take necessary measures to prevent possible accidents or theft and to lock the doors of the vehicle. In case of theft of the vehicle, the tenant shall be partially discharged from the liability by 50% if it has returned the license and keys of the vehicle and proves that it has taken the necessary measures and notified the relevant security authorities. In addition, theft insurance, the vehicle delivery contract if the condition specified in the purchase of the vehicle's key, the license and the relevant security authorities to prove that it has been reported to the security of the vehicle to be relieved of the responsibility, but the loss of 30 days of loss of the job loss (PIEX company per month leasing fees are calculated on the basis of the rent) to the lessor until the payment of loss of work loss in advance to accept the payment.
3. The material damages given to the passengers and passengers in the vehicle, the treatment expenses are limited to the limits of the compulsory traffic insurance of the vehicle and all the responsibilities and liabilities to be incurred, including non-pecuniary damage, belong to the tenant.
Since the lessor does not produce the vehicle, it cannot be held responsible for any losses that may occur as a result of mechanical or manufacturing error of the vehicle or its spare parts.
RENT, to bridge, highway and so on. For transitions OGS, HGS etc. transition systems are supplied. These transitions shall be invoiced as a surcharge plus VAT.
The lessor agrees and undertakes to pay the costs written on the traffic fines. The lessor promises an early payment discount for fines etc. will not demand any price reduction. PIEX reserves the right to charge service charges for traffic fines.
The tenant shall be entitled to use the vehicle (s) surrendered to him for the purpose of this Agreement which shall not be used for any purpose other than the intended purpose specified in the registration and traffic documents, in particular the purpose of carrying cargo or passenger, in a manner which may be interpreted as commercial gain, furthermore, if it goes beyond the intended use here, it shall be the sole responsibility of any responsibility and risk that may be incurred within the framework of all applicable authorities, including the Road Traffic Act and the Road Transport Law. he / she knows that sanctions and responsibilities and damages can be recovered with him / her immediately and with all these matters.
The fuel brand used in the vehicles shall be at the discretion of the RENT and the costs of the faults arising from the fuel faults shall be borne by the RENTER. Oil companies and the RENTER will be the addressee and responsible for the damages caused by fuel. If the RENTER has the right to choose the fuel brand used in the vehicles subject to the contract, then the RENTER shall be invoiced separately to the RENTER to compensate the damage resulting from the failure to use fuel of the quality specified in the manuals of the vehicles.
The tenant agrees and undertakes that the rented vehicles shall not be rented to another person or organization in any way, and shall not be used or sold to a person whose name has not been written on the Rental Agreement and the General Conditions of Sale, whatever the cause and condition. Otherwise, PIEX will not have any damage claims and all damages will be borne by the Tenant. In addition, PIEX reserves the right to charge up to 3 times the rental fee charged by the vehicle for the respective vehicle if it is determined that the vehicle has been or has been granted to another person. In the event that such vehicle is sold or attempted to sell to another person, PIEX reserves the right to charge and charge as a request for a penal clause for a fee of at least vehicle value. The tenant agrees and undertakes to meet such requests of PIEX in cash and once upon first request.
If the tenant carries goods and passengers, the owner is not liable for any damage to property or to the passenger. The responsibility exclusively belongs to the tenant and / or driver.
The RENTER, by PIEX, allows him / her to present general and special campaigns, advantages, product, service promotions, advertising, market research surveys and other customer satisfaction applications and to be registered to clubs. Tenant, PIEX past and / or personal data to be used in the past to collect for the similar purposes mentioned above, PIEX group companies to share between them and to be processed by the tenants unless otherwise stated by the PIEX and / or group companies itself SMS, internet, letter, phone etc. allow them to contact the channels. Unless the tenant specifies otherwise, he / she agrees to be shared, processed and accessed in accordance with the similar purposes considered under this article. If the tenant wants to change their data sharing preferences, they can report this request from PIEX's communication channels. The tenant's information can be shared with the service providers (shipment, call center, database etc.) provided that they are used within the services provided by these firms. The tenant data can be processed and the information can be shared with the 3rd Persons in groups, without disclosing the tenant information.
If the tenant does not comply with any clause of this contract, in particular if he does not deliver the vehicle at the agreed date, the lessee shall authorize the lessor to immediately retrieve the said vehicle without the need for a pre-warning. The tenant is liable to pay the damage and expenses incurred by the lessee during the undoing of the lessor. The lessor shall not be liable for the loss or damage of the objects or articles in the vehicle during the withdrawal of the vehicle.
The tenant will make payments by credit card or one of the remittance methods to the account. In addition, tenants working on current accounts shall make their payments in the time specified for the invoice. The tenant rents and contracts within the scope of other charges and legal if the payment of the payment no warning and notice without needing to invoice the Republic of Turkey Central Bank since (CBT) declared agreed to pay 2 times the amount of default interest rate of advance interest rate and commitment.
The tenant declares that the failure to deliver the vehicle despite the expiration of the contract constitutes a criminal offense under the provisions of the criminal law, the vehicle is used outside the lease term and / or outside the tenant or if the vehicle is used illegally, it cannot benefit from the legal right from the insurance and guarantee in the sense of damage and responsibility. 
In the absence of any written amendment or amendment to these terms and conditions
The tenant agrees and undertakes that PIEX is authorized to take a precautionary or precautionary injunction in the event of a demand for precautionary or precautionary measures in the event that the rent is not paid.
The tenant agrees and undertakes that all contractual and legal payments arising from the lease have already been approved by the credit card.
The tenant agrees in advance that the bookkeeping records and documents of the lessee are sufficient legal evidence.
İZMİR Central Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes arising out of this contract.
This contract is composed of 6 (ALTI) pages, 27 (twenty-seven) articles and 33 (thirty-three) sub-headings.


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